Wholesale of Japanese traditional boxwood combs suit Kimono,Haori coat,Yukata,Kanzashi,Samurai,Geisha,Maiko,Sumo,and so on.

How to Order

The condition of our wholesale is that you order 12 boxwood combs or more at a time. A different kind of comb is available by total of 12 or more.
(For example:HORIHANA GUSHI Ume 6+MAKIEHANA GUSHI Sakura 6 )

Please send us the list of necessary boxwood combs with order form.

Afterwards, we calculate the total amount of money and send you e-mail.

Necessary charges other than commodity price.
1 Shipping
2 Bank fee

Basic bank fee1500YEN
+ 0.05% of amount of transfer (Minimum2500YEN) =Minimum4000YEN

3 Consumption tax of Japan (5%)

Click here , You can convert Japanese yen to the currency in your country.

Afterwards, you pay the the total amount of money by the telegraphic transfer(T/T).
Please remit for the bank transfer in Japanese yen. After you transfer by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), please fax the copy of the transfer confirmation as soon as possible .
Our FAX No. 81-72-6713115

Our bank account


Branch address : 30-8-1 Akutagawa-cho Takatsuki-shi Osaka Japan
Branch Telephone number : 072-683-3030
Branch code : 229

A/C No.4733551
Name: Sanrokudo

When the payment total is 100,000 yen or less, we accept payment by Paypal.
If you send money by paypal, 5% of total (including our commission) is necessary.

It takes about ten days from one week from your payment to our order.Because it takes about one week to an international remittance of the bank and an international withdrow of Paypal.
After confirming payment, we obtain and ship the commodity in about one week usually.
We usually send it out via EMS.

Because boxwood combs are handmade goods,it might take two months from one month until sending it out when there are a lot of numbers of wholesale orders.

- Tariff and consumption tax in your country-
Neither the consumption tax nor the tariff in your country are included.
Please pay to an organization concerned when you are claimed.

We soak camellia oil into carved boxwood combs and basic boxwood combs and ship it.
We ship it without soaking camellia oil into painted boxwood combs.

When you buy only boxwood combs
North America
Central America
Europe Asia
South America
12-24 orders 2800yen 3250yen 2100yen 4600yen
25-36 orders 4000yen 4600yen 3000yen 7000yen
37 or more
Please inquire separately.

When you buy comb cases with boxwood combs
North America
Central America
Europe Asia
South America
12-24 orders 3600yen 4150yen 2700yen 6200yen
25-36 orders 5400yen 6200yen 4000yen 10000yen
37 or more
Please inquire separately.

*5 to 7 days (In some countries, it may take more than a week)
*Tracking number provided
*Insurance covering up to 20000yen (Please contact us at the order if the insurance of 20,000 yen or more is necessary. )
*The fastest and the most reliable service

Contact us

We reply within 48 hours after receiving mail from you usually.
There is a possibility that E-mail from you has not reached us
when there will not be answer from us in several days.
In that case, please contact us again.

Painted boxwoodcomb Carved boxwoodcomb Basic boxwood comb

Painted boxwoodcomb Carved boxwoodcomb Basic boxwood comb Comb Case

If we refund (transfer back) to your bank account or Paypal account,
bank transfer fee and paypal fee charged by our bank or Paypal will be subtracted
from the sum that will be transferred to you.

Japansese Traditonal Boxwood Combs Retail Shop


Please be aware that each comb may slightly differ in color and shape
since they are handmade from natural materials.

Furthermore, combs may slightly differ in appearance from these photographs.

Painted boxwoodcomb Carved boxwoodcomb Basic boxwood comb Comb Case

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Painted boxwood comb
| Ume(Japanese plum) | Cherry | Half moon ume |

Carved boxwood comb
| Ume(Japanese plum) | Rose | Tsubaki (Camelia) | Sakura (Cherry) |
| 12cm Tsubaki(Camelia) | 12cm Sakura (Cherry) | 12cm Ume (Plum) |
Hannya (Oni)
| Daruma | Dradon(Ryu) |

Basic boxwood comb
| 12cm | 13.5cm | Suki-Gushi |

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