Japanese Tatoo Symbol

There are various kinds of tattoo symbols of Japansese tattoos.

Example of Japanese tattoo symbol

Japanese Tattoo

The design, the style, and the technique of a Japanese tattoo ripened into full maturity through the passage of length.

Especially, because the history, the culture, the religion, manners, and the wish, etc. become the backgrounds of the design, the legend, the origin, and the story, etc. are included in the picture naturally.

Characters of "Water Margin" , Characters of "Nanso-Satomi-Hakkennden" , General of real existence of Kamakura Period "Asahina Saburou Yoshihide" etc. are traditional designs.

Followings are the design that relates to the religion.

Kan-non-zo (Statues of goddess of mercy)
Ten-nyo (Angel of woman)
Kara-Jisi(Lion of Tang)
Hudo-Myo-Ou ( Acalanatha )
Fuujin-Raijin(God of wind and God of Thunder)

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