Japanese Tattoo Art

There are a lot of patterns related to the religion and the history in the tattoo art.

The tattoo art of Japan depicts the four seasons.

Hanahuda-card is the one that the four seasons was drawn in the design of Japan.

Hanahuda-card is a kind of card game .

Hanahuda is 48 cards.
The flower of 12 months is written.


January : Pine , Pine and crane

February :Plum , Plum tree and bush warbler

March: Cherry blossoms , Cherry blossoms and Maku (Drop curtain)

April: Wistaria , Wistaria and cuckoo

May : Iris, Iris and bridge

June : Peony , Peony and butterfly

July : Bush clover , Bush clover and wild boar

August : Japanese pampas grass , Japanese pampas grass and the moon

September : Mum , Mum and Sake-glass

October:Colored leaves , Colored leaves and a deer .

November : Willow , Willow and a man.

December : Paulownia , Paulownia and Japanese phoenix

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