Bushido legacy of the japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoo have many design that based on legend.

Characters of "Water Margin" ,
Characters of "Nanso-Satomi-Hakkennden" ,
General of real existence of Kamakura Period "Asahina Saburou Yoshihide" etc. are traditional designs.

We introduce a famous General to you.

bushido legacy of the japanese tattoo

His name is "Asahina saburo Yoshihide"
There are many brave legend about him.

"Saburo's Dogfish capture" is a famous legend .
A lot of HORISHI drew Saburo capturing dogfishes.

"Saburou's Dogfish capture"

The general "Minamoto Yoritomo" knew that Saburo was good at the swim, and ordered him to dive in the sea.

Saburo jumped into the sea. He dove in the sea, and did not come back for a long time.

Saburo returned with three dogfishes when everyone worried.

(He captured three dogfishes alone in the sea!)

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