About Tsuge-gushi
(Japanese boxwood comb)

Trait of Japanese boxwood comb

Japanese traditional hairstyle

Modern hairstyle The comb's shape and materials have evolved over the years based on changes in hairstyle trends.

. Many people currently use plastic combs despite its tendency to give off static electricity that causes damage to hair. In contrast, boxwood combs have a long 1890 year history of being the highest in quality.

Boxwood comb
The hair of sumo wrestlers are combed with boxwood combs.

Samurai also used boxwood combs.


MAKIE-Painted boxwood comb-

The boxwood comb design is based on traditional hori (carving) and makie (floral painting) techniques.
  HORI-Carved boxwood comb-

Origin of the Izumi comb


Around 660 B.C., foreign visitors landed in Nishoku beach in Kaizuka City and taught the art of comb making.

Kebukisou written in 1638 mentions that Izumi soon became a famous comb producing distinct and was responsible for 80% of all production in Japan.

Today, Izumi combs are made in Osaka Prefecture Kaizuka City and surrounding areas.


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Painted boxwood comb
| Ume(Japanese plum) | Cherry | Half moon ume |

Carved boxwood comb
| Ume(Japanese plum) | Rose | Tsubaki (Camelia) | Sakura (Cherry) |
| 12cm Tsubaki(Camelia) | 12cm Sakura (Cherry) | 12cm Ume (Plum) |
Hannya (Oni)
| Daruma | Dradon(Ryu) |

Basic boxwood comb
| 12cm | 13.5cm | Suki-Gushi |

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